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One of the key components includes a slug catcher to separate the gas and slugs. Slug catchers are phase separators and are placed at gas fields and in

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All Slug Catchers made in adherence to rigorous quality standards. Capacity. Prevent system overload and keep your pipeline optimized with slug catchers tha

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A new approach for sizing finger-type (multiple-pipe) slug catchers. H. R. Kalat Jari, P. Khomarloo and K. Assa, Sazeh Consultants, Tehran, Iran. A slug c

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2- Horizontal Vessel Type Slug Catcher. Can give small particle separation (10 microns) where there is more liquid and lower gas flow. Useful as three phase

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BKW designed and tested a new concept in slug catchers for removing slugs of liquid from natural gas pipelines. The tests proved the design is effici

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Feed gas from production wells arriving at the natural gas processing plant is first separated in the inlet facility, which typically includes slug catch

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Slug catcher sizing is a function of many things including the various operating cases and flows and crtically the liquid pump out or flow ou


Natural Gas Scrubber. Flare Knock Out Drum . 2 Phase, 3 Phase Separator and Slug Catcher . We can design and built inlet slug catcher, 2 phase separator

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"The slug catcher is the first step in the conversion process. The gas plant will process gas and liquid separately; therefore there must be high

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The Margarita Project calls for a field development, covering the flow lines, main header, slug catcher, gas dehydration and dew point control, co

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200 MMscfd Natural Gas Processing and Fractionation Plant West ia, USA Engineering, Inc. (SE) is a full service, multi-discipline, project

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The gas then exits the top of the slug catcher and flows to the plant inlet separator via a pressure control valve, which reduces the pressure of

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Latest news updates from Slugcatcher: the leading oil and gas column. Read insights into oil news and LNG surrounding Australia and APAC.

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Exterran Corporate Headquarters 11000 Equity Drive Houston, TX 77041, USA 281-836-7000

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Slug catcher is a static equipment used in the upstream oil production facilities to minimize the slug from oil and gas pipeline. Fluids extra

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